Stackabox Dispensing Systems

Stackabox allows for a perfect integration in existing production lines of beverage and filling companies and is suitable for all dispensing systems. Stackabox serves all fragile objects that need to be dispensed and transported in bulk and can be customized to fit the need of various industries.

Base Dispensing

With base dispensing the preforms slide smoothly into the hopper of the filling line.

Base dispensing is the overall preferred system because it has the unique advantage to decrease damage to the bottleneck of the preforms.

Top Dispensing

Top dispensing is suitable for a wide range of products. No hopper acquired.

Controlled Top Dispensing

Controlled Top Dispening has the ability to partially discharge the content

Side Dispensing

Ideal when there’s limited space. Side dispensing is a standard in many industries and Stackabox offers the perfect solution.

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