DW Reusables provide full circle supply chain services to our customers. We aim to reduce waste output by offering in house and mobile regrinding services. Our facilities are strategically located throughout Europe where, in addition to recycling, we offer logistical services such as filling and removing bottles from crates. For worldwide locations, we can supply a total solution, including the required resources, to a local injection moulded partner facility. Throughout this process, we remain the point of contact and assume all responsibility of the entire project. Through our many services, we provide mould maintenance, safe storage options, and mould insurance. 

Bottle Transferring

Reusable Bottle crates and glass bottles go hand in hand. Therefore, we strategically offer in all our four injection moulding European sites the logistical service of filling the crates with bottles or removing the bottles from the crates.

Regrinding at our Facilities

Because our reusable packaging products are designed to be recycled, DW Reusables has regrinding facilities in each production site. To ensure the reground material is of the highest quality, it passes through a washing line that filters out dust or any leftover. 

Mobile Regrinding

Our mobile regrinding units eliminate unnecessary transport of goods and reduce associated logistical costs. They offer an efficient flexibility, as they can be used in any location. On our customers’ request, the reground material can be given into storage. 

Mould Maintenance

The development of a mould is a sizeable investment and making proper mould maintenance is crucial to protect your assets. Therefore, we perform thorough maintenance and necessary repairs in our mould maintenance centers. 

International Network of Strategic Partners

The transport of finished products to worldwide locations can be too far. We offer a total solution by arranging the required resources at local Injection Moulding Partners and will support our local partner with our knowhow and expertise.  

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