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Our offer includes reusable packaging such as returnable beverage crates, trays and pallets. As an expert in fit-to-purpose and fit-to-last packaging solutions, durability and recyclability are at the heart of our designs.

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Zero waste

We only make products that are 100% reusable and 100% recyclable after a long life. We take pride in making reusable products that eliminate one-way packaging and improving our customers’ sustainability credentials significantly.

100% reusable & 100% recyclable

In a world of limited resources, it is our responsibility to secure a sustainable environment for future generations, by making reusable products that last for decades. Our cradle to cradle approach insures that all our products are 100% recyclable after their useful long-life.

Customized solutions

As an expert in the total product development process, we are the ideal partner to develop a bespoke solution in close cooperation with our clients. We have the expertise to develop a new product or design, from defining requirements and 3D printing of prototypes to the production in our state-of-the-art facilities.

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Join us for a ‘Loop Ready Packaging’ workshop to find out how you can improve your supply chain and reduce waste and CO² emissions. Our sustainability and innovation experts are happy to welcome you at our headquarter in Bilzen, Belgium.

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