Through our beverage crates we already have a strong market leader position in the retail market, but the application possibilities of our Loop Ready Packaging (LRP) offer a zero-waste option for many of retailers’ most popular products.

Retailers appeal to our tailored solutions for their logistical challenges. Custom made trays, pallets, crates and containers form an essential part of their supply chain.

Our Loop Ready Packaging (LRP’s) are the next logical evolution from Shelf Ready Packaging. They deliver a zero-waste option for many of retailers’ most popular products while improving the entire supply chain.

LRP can circulate between producers, distribution centers and retailers (Shellbees®) or close the entire distribution chain, circulating between end-consumers as well. (Fillbees®)

LRP can enhance profitability from factory to retail store, delivering lower supply chain costs, increased product availability and efficient replenishment. They make your products easier to locate and select from retailer’s shelves.

The perfect designs can be personalized with the brand logo to further enhance shelf-appeal and brand recognition.

Retailers are also known to look ahead towards the future, and there are already plans to develop intelligent trays with built-in traceability or other digital applications.

Trolleys that customers use in a store to simplify the transport of the goods to the checkout, are also right up our street.

After their useful long life, our LRP are fully recyclable.

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