This returnable six-pack fits in existing crates or can be used stacked on a pallet. With this shelf-ready packaging, reusable bottles can last up to 50 return trips, eliminating packaging waste completely.

Beverage crates are the ideal tool for save transport of reusable glass bottles and they are a perfect example of a closed loop system. Beverage crates go hand in hand with one-way 6 packs. DW Reusables introduced the perfect solution for replacing one-way packs by a 100 % reusable solution: Fillbee, a Zero Waste reusable pack.

Reasons why Breweries love Fillbee

  • The bottles can be filled directly on the existing filling lines
  • Resistant in wet environment of the breweries
  • Reduces handling costs
  • Ideal for branding with IML labels
  • Suitable for special promotions with minimal investments
  • Increased sales because returnable packaging is an ideal customer loyalty tool

Reasons why Retailers love Fillbee

  • Shelf ready packaging
  • No damaged packs
  • Protect the bottles
  • No pre-opened unsellable units
  • Easier to handle during filling the shelves

Reasons why Consumers love Fillbee

  • Easy to carry home
  • Easy to return the bottles to the store
  • Easy to store, fits in the fridge
  • Easy to access, no wrapping packaging to remove
  • Keeps the garbage can empty

Benefits for the Environment

  • Eliminates packaging waste entirely
  • Zero waste to landfill
  • 100% reusable
  • 100 % recyclable after it’s useful long life
  • Can be produced out of post-consumer material
  • Watch the video to learn about the benefits of Fillbee

Enhance customer experience by integrating a QR code into the labels with a trendy video!

To make sure your costumers will fully understand the concept, a QR code can easily be integrated into the design of the labels, so end consumers can watch your video that explains the benefits of Fillbee. Reducing waste is the new trend, so environmental conscience costumers will love it!

A DW Reusables B2B Filbee video is at your disposal as well. The video is available in any language, and can easily be re-branded in the colours of your brand, replacing the generic Fillbee by your own branded version.

Watch the B2B video.

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