Stackabox Hybrid

The Stackabox Hybrid is a lighter version of the Stackabox Classic. The customizable sleeve is made of Akyboard which can be adapted to the content of the container.

Stackabox Hybrid is ideal for creating a light and robust bulk dispensing container.

Akypak is light, durable, water resistant, reusable , printable surface, easy to clean and recyclable.

Akypak is cost effective and a long-lasting alternative to traditional corrugated cardboard boxes.

The Stackabox Hybrid can be screen printed with your brand name, or important information about the content can be printed on the sleeve.

The sleeve is standard black but is available in different colors

Benefits Stackabox Hybrid

  • Fully foldable and collapsible allowing minimal space for advanced return logistics
  • Reduction of transportation costs
  • Optimization of warehouse storage & logistics
  • Can be used with a liner
  • Customizable sleeve hights
  • Extended life span, ensuring an efficient return on investment
  • Impact & scratch resistant
  • Chemical, solvent & oil resistant
  • Moisture-resistant, rot-proof & rust-proof
  • Made from recyclable materials
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