Benefits & Features

Reusable beverage crates can improve your business at every link in the value chain. Their rational features improve logistics significantly, whilst design and decoration aspects will make them stand out from the crowd

Discover the benefits of our returnable beverage crates

Strong branding

Today’s crate is not just used as the ideal logistics tool to transport beverages safely. Branded crates have a unique appearance that differentiates your product from your competitors. Communicating your brand on point of sales is crucial in supporting sales & marketing efforts.

Safer transport

Beverage bottles must be organized systematically into crates and carriers, which protect them from breakages. DW Reusables offers numerous solutions to facilitate all sorts of logistics and transportation processes.

Improved user experience

Convenience and innovation applied to the beverage crate design can improve the user experience and thereby help generate brand loyalty. Ergonomic features such as soft touch handles and silent pinnacles, make crates easy and comfortable to carry.

Optimal stacking

As an expert, we have the know-how for all possible stacking patterns. Depending on various features of your beverage crate, we can advise you to choose the ideal stacking pattern.

Maximum efficiency for your business systems

For maximum efficiency and productivity, returnable beverage crates must be perfectly adapted to your business and warehouse systems, including retailers and e-commerce requirements. All aspects such as size, weight, height and robustness must be taken into consideration.

Fully recyclable

DW Reusables returnable beverage crates last up to 30 years. After their useful life, they can be fully reground and turned into new crates endlessly, decoupling Plastic Packaging from raw material consumption.

Features to look for in a Beverage Crate


Different material and colour combinations, inside and outside the crate.

Structured Surface

A structured surface allows design accents and prevents scratches on the crates.


Well proven technique that guarantees a long life of the colours. A crate can be screen printed with up to six colours, including metallics such as gold and silver.

InMould Labels

A cost-effective and long lasting decorative technology which applies text, patterns, or graphics with high-quality imagery.

Overmoulding Technology

Multiple moulding technologies can be used to realise a unique design of the crate with applications such as Soft-touch. The possibilities are endless.

Central Handle

A central handle makes the crate easy to carry. By dividing the weight, two crates can easily be carried simultaneously.

Airmould Lamella Handle

An airmould lamella handle is a cost-effective alternative to the soft touch grip. The rounded grip of the handle allows comfortable carrying.

Soft Touch

The soft touch grip offers comfortable carrying.

Duplex Handle

A duplex handle gives the crate an ergonomic grip. Applicable for central and side handles.

Full Display

Allows high visibility of the contents giving the opportunity to display different beverage flavours or to show a unique bottle style.


The logo can be embossed to accentuate the brand on the crate.


The logo can be debossed for a special effect.

Ergonomic Bottom Edge

The ergonomic bottom without rough edges provides comfort while carrying the crate.

Inlay Letters

Special technique to achieve maximum branding.

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