Shellbee®: A new Loop Ready Packaging concept used between producers and retailers to reduce waste and save money

24 July 2020

DW Reusables, worldwide leader in reusable and returnable packaging, is introducing Shellbee®, a reusable tray and a sustainable game-changer.

Fit-to-purpose designed for retailers and A-brands, Shellbee carries all the benefits of shelf-ready packaging without the environmental and economic downside of traditional packaging such as tons of packaging waste, high damage rate and a long replenishment process.

Shellbee® reusable trays are easy to place and replace on retailer’s shelves, are easy to handle and easy to open. They can be folded down and nested, occupying little room for storing and transporting. Shellbees’ intended supply chain is between retailers and producers, so relatively easy to implement.

The bespoke designs can suit just about any product that can be found on the shelves of a local supermarket. That flexibility extends to the dimensions of the Shellbee® which can be adapted to ensure a perfect match for specific products or ensure that shelf space is maximized in store by using every available centimetre.

Shellbees have shelf-appeal! They are fully brandable with In Mould labels (IML) or one-color laser printing for optimal brand exposure. The IMLs are made out of the same material as the trays, so after their long useful life, they are very easy to recycle—further helping brands and retailers burnish their environmental performance and CSR reporting. Reports show that reusable transport platforms (RTP’s) generate around 60% fewer CO² emissions than disposable packaging, such as cardboard.

They increase sales because a special feature that smoothly moves the contents forward as each item is sold, can easily be incorporated. Retail trials have shown that the products continually presented to the front of the shelf can increase sales by up to 20 per cent. This alone saves valuable time for store employees re-stocking and ‘facing’ shelves to make them look perfect.

The strong and lightweight construction of these injection moulded trays provide a long lifespan, so the initial investment can pay for itself repeatedly. In addition, the strength of the trays means less damage during transport and less breakage in stores compared to traditional trays that can often fail to hold heavier items like glass jars.

Little holes in the bottom of the trays make the occasional wash a simple affair to make them ready to be refilled and stacked on pallets all over again!
Washing trays is a bit of a new step for most retailers and producers but DW Reusables is happy to recommend suppliers who make this process quick and easy.

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