Bottlebee, a reusable bottlebridge slashes waste and CO2 emissions from six-packs

4 August 2021

DW Reusables latest innovation doubles the convenience of cardboard bottlebridges while slashing the waste and emissions

Increasing demand for reusable packaging has driven the development of Bottlebee – a zero waste reusable bottlebridge.
“The Bottlebee offers different advantages for different stakeholders. For end consumers it is a drastically improved experience as returning empty bottles becomes easier and cleaner,” said Paul Baeyens, CEO of DW Reusables. “Retailers will love the reduction in broken bottles and mess thanks to the more secure grip on the bottle and brands will improve loyalty while maintaining tight control over the look and feel.”

Conventional cardboard bottlebridges generate tons of carton and glass waste but their convenience ensures they remain popular for selling four or six beer bottle packs.

An independent study showed that Bottlebee with reusable glass bottles reduces 64% less CO2 compared to conventional packaging.

“Bottlebee is easy to carry, and allows the customers to return the empty bottles to the store without having to dig out an old plastic bag to carry loose bottles.” Continued Baeyens. “That’s additional waste avoided, and crucially, that is a better customer experience just as they are considering their next purchase.”

Bottlebee works with full, sealed bottles as well as with empty bottles with no bottle cap. The secret is that Bottlebee holds bottles tight below the top, unlike conventional carton versions that are held in place by the bottle cap.

The packaging is brandable for optimal product visibility at the point of sale and can be stacked two layers high. It’s also compatible with existing beverage crates as the Bottlebee is placed on the bottles in the crates and can be designed for any shape of bottle or crate.

But the environmental credentials don’t end there. Bottlebee is perfect for the circular economy – it can be made from post-consumer material or regrind plastics – and it will last for years and years before being completely recycled into a new Bottlebee.

Reusable bottlebridge slashes waste and CO2 emissions

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