Ideal for just about any product you can imagine, Shellbees can deliver big improvements in cost, efficiency and sustainability of transporting goods between distributors and retailers.

Gain Time, Space and Money (while saving the planet)

Distribution Centres

Save time in packing and vastly superior performance in stacking. That creates knock-on improvements in truck and warehouse utilisation and speed. Get more products where they need to go faster.

Shellbees are designed bespoke for your products – so space and security are optimised.

Plus, no more one-way plastic wrap, saving more time and even more money.


Shellbees are loved by retailers thanks to higher sales, happier customers and staff focused on priorities rather than packaging.

Shelving time is slashed with Shelbees along with the mounds of waste and recycling that accumulate behind today’s stores. Eliminating thousands of boxes and tonnes of one-way plastic wrap saves significant time and money. Not to mention the fees paid to suppliers to remove the waste.

In store, faster shelving means fewer empty spots, so customers find the product they want faster leading to a happier, more fulfilling shopping experience.

There are also four big benefits for the planet

  • No plastic wrap ends up incinerated, in landfill or in the sea
  • A drastic reduction in cardboard means a drastic reduction in the fossil fuels needed to recycle the fibres after every single trip
  • Lower logistics emissions as superior stacking and space optimisation can lead to fewer trucks
  • Fully recyclable at the end of their long life

Shelf Ready Shellbees circulate between distribution centers and the shop.

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