Benefits & Features

Our Injection Moulded pallets are designed for both space-efficiency and durability. Because of that, they are ideal for automated palletization, automated storage and conveyor systems.

Our durable pallets have four-way entries and are manufactured as one injection moulded shot piece with high performance in safety, durability, ergonomics, hygiene and handling.

Some of the advantages offered by Injection Moulded plastic pallets include:

  • Light and easy to transport
    Plastic pallets are about 30%-35% lighter then wooden pallets
  • Stackable and rackable
    Plastic pallets are designed to be stacked and racked
  • Durable
    Made from PP or HDPE, our pallets are unlikely to be damaged during rough transport and have long life-cycles
  • Sustainable
    At the end of their useful long life, plastics pallets are 100% recyclable and can be re-purposed for a second life-cycle
  • Clean and hygienic
    Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned. No risk of contamination
  • Safety
    There are no nails, splinters or wooden shavings that can damage product or injure an employee

Discover the benefits of our returnable pallets


Possibility to put the company logo on the pallet with IML labels. The labels are made from the same material as the pallet for easy recycling.

Maximum Efficiency

Injection Moulded plastic pallets are designed for durability, safety, hygiene and easy handling. They are the ideal solution for automated palletization and storage.

Optimal Stacking

Injection Moulded pallets make for a neater, safer and cleaner storage place. Their durability features keep the towers perfectly straight.


The pallets can be made from 100% post-consumer plastic material, with the same rigidity specifications as those made from virgin material. And at the end of their long life the pallets are 100% recyclable, repeatedly.

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