Food Fillbees

Consumers, already driving the sustainability agenda, will flock to Fillbees because they are an easy way drastically reduce CO2 emissions, plastic waste, and garages overflowing with cardboard to be recycled.

Fillbees are ideal for yoghurt pots, cereals, sauces and more. Particularly suited for brands looking for a key differentiator. They go from the distributor to the retailer and are taken home by the consumer. This zero-waste solution saves substantial cardboard and plastic bag waste for the consumer and engages them with the brand in improving sustainability.

Gain Time, Space and Money (while saving the planet)


Stand out on shelf and build a circular, sustainable relationship with your consumers by becoming part of their regular routine. Encourage higher sales with bulk purchases that help consumers feel good about their purchases.

Save time in packing and distribution so your products will go where they need to go faster.

Plus, no more one-way plastic wrap saving more time and even more money.


Fillbees are loved by retailers thanks to higher sales, happier customers and staff focused on priorities rather than packaging.

Shelving time is slashed and sales boosted as consumers opt for a four, six or eight pack option. Fillbees eliminate thousands of boxes and tonnes of one-way plastic wrap saving significant time and money. Not to mention the fees paid to suppliers to remove the piles of waste behind stores.

In store, faster shelving means fewer empty spots, so customers find the product they want faster leading to a happier, more fulfilling shopping experience.

How does it work?

Consumers will pay a small deposit on the Fillbee when making their purchase. Once they have finished the items they simple return the packaging and jars to the store for a refund of the deposit. This process is already automated in many places with a machine that scans the packaging and contents and provides a coupon with a store credit for future purchases.

There are four big benefits for the planet and your businesses CSR

  • No plastic wrap ends up incinerated, in landfill or in the sea
  • A drastic reduction in cardboard means a drastic reduction in the fossil fuels needed to recycle the fibres after every single trip
  • Lower logistics emissions as superior stacking and space optimisation can lead to fewer trucks
  • Fully recyclable at the end of their long life
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