Crates for the Construction Market

Reusable crates and boxes are the ideal packaging for construction material supplies. The kitcrate was specially designed for sealants and glues. Some of the benefits and features of the Kitcrate include stackability and transport optimization. In addition, the Kitcrate is durable, highly reusable and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

DW Reusables provides a returnable packaging system that can improve your business in the following ways:

Brand awareness

Branded crates are not only utilized as a logistics tool to transport the product safely, but they can effectively promote your brand and set your company apart from your competition. The visual communication of your brand’s image is crucial in supporting sales and marketing efforts.

Safe transport

To encourage safety in the transportation of goods, your products can be easily and systematically organized into our crates and carriers. This system allows for greater protection and reduction of potential damage.

Minimum waste

The reusability of our products minimises the amount of waste and negative environmental impacts. Additionally, at the end of their useful life, they can be recycled and repurposed for another life cycle.

Maximum efficiency for your business systems

Returnable crates can be a crucial aspect in maintaining maximum efficiency and productivity in all warehouse systems, including retailers and e-commerce. They can easily be stacked and replenished providing an additional benefit to you and your customers.

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