The Orangina-Schweppes Group Contacts DW Reusables for a New Version of their Beverage Crate that Meets the Premium Image of the Brand.

27 March 2023

Orangina Suntory France contacted DW Reusables for a redesign of the old crate, so that the improved version would reflect the brand’s image and stand out at the point of sale.


The challenge

The existing Orangina beverage crates had become outdated. Therefore Orangina Suntory France contacted DW Reusables to design a new crate that would illustrate the image of the premium brand and attract the buyer’s attention. The current model still had old-fashioned ribs outside to meet the rigidity specifications. Furthermore, the material of the old crates had to be reground to be reused, matching the fresh orange brand colour.


Our approach

DW Reusables worked closely with the customer to satisfy the various requirements. Our technical design department moved the ribs to the inside, resulting in a big smooth surface on the outside, to optimally place the new branding. The old material of the crates was gradually reground and turned into new ones. By adding a small amount of masterbatch we were able to match the fresh orange colour of the brand.  Finally, the small handles were enlarged.


The result

The new playful crate represents Orangina’s image, increasing customer brand awareness. The large surfaces are ideal for the branding that perfectly matches the brand’s visual identity. The large ergonomic handles offer comfortable carrying. By reusing the existing material, Suntory made a significant contribution to the environment by keeping the material in the loop.

Aleksandr Todorov, Packaging project leader at Orangina Suntory France commented:


Following Suntory Group’s Environmental Principles, we are promoting a circular economy to effectively reduce waste and promote the 3Rs; reduce, reuse, and recycle. By choosing DW Reusables’ beverage crates, we are significantly reducing the amount of one-way packaging. After their useful long life, the crates can be reground and turned into new products, perfectly supporting a circular economy.”


About Orangina Suntory

Orangina’s global owner is Suntory which distributes through its groups in over 60 countries across the globe. In North America, Ventures Food and Beverage, a Suntory owned group, recently acquired the rights, and relaunched the brand in January 2020. The relaunch included a new formulation, which is the original French recipe and imported from Europe. The group also brought back the original bulby glass bottle and introduced a new slim can and an on-the-go resealable bottle.

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