New sustainable shopping baskets for Decathlon

19 January 2023

DW Reusables replaces the iconic blue Decathlon basket by a sustainable model.

As Decathlon steps up its sustainability actions, the company recently decided to recycle their old shopping baskets. DW Reusables was chosen as European supplier to produce the new baskets, made from reground PP pellets.


The Challenge
When Decathlon started looking for a basket supplier 15 years ago, they wanted to have a European manufacturer within reach. With several production plants strategically located in Europe, DW Reusables was chosen as preferred partner to manufacture the iconic blue basket for their European retailers. At that time, the blue basket was an essential tool which contributed to the instore customer experience. After 10 years of intensive use, many baskets started to break due to rough handling by the customers. Decathlon decided to collect the baskets and asked DW Reusables for help. In the briefing 2 important criteria were put forward: the new basket had to be cheaper and become more sustainable but remain robust for daily use.

Our Approach
To reduce costs, and improve the rigidity specifications, DW Reusables’ inhouse design department simplified the model of the basket by redesigning the handles, clips, and other details. The optimized design would also make the baskets stronger, reducing the number of damaged baskets significantly. Additionally, by reusing the material of the old baskets, the price of the new baskets would become cheaper. Consequently, black was chosen for the new baskets, as this is the easiest colour to use for recycled materials. An embossed eco label was applied to underline the low ecological footprint of the basket.

The Result

The choices resulted in a win-win situation for Decathlon: a cheaper, more sustainable black basket. By following the principles of a circular economy and driven by design, the sustainable solution prevents waste right at the start.  With the embossed eco-label on the new basket, Decathlon underlines the positive actions they take.  The Decathlon logo that is applied with a simple screen print offers optimal brand visibility. Furthermore, by choosing a European supplier Decathlon was able to limit transportation costs and CO2 emissions.   Made from PP, the durable material is easy to clean and 100% recyclable after its useful long lives.

About Decathlon:

Decathlon was founded in France in 1976 and is the world’s largest sportswear retailer. The company creates innovative, quality, and affordable sports and outdoors gear so as many people as possible can play more. With over 1,600 stores and over 93,000 employees, the company is active in 69 countries worldwide.

About DW Reusables:

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