AMP, Belgium’s largest Media Distributor Attain Efficiencies in Distribution with Reusable Boxes.

16 April 2020

AMP, Belgium’s largest media distributor, was looking for an efficient and reusable packaging solution for the distribution of magazines and newspapers to sales outlets. AMP decided to contact DW Reusables, formally DS Smith Plastics, to design & develop a reusable box that would meet specific requirements.

The challenge
The distribution of magazines and newspapers to supermarkets, petrol stations and press & bookshops takes place at the crack of dawn, before all outlets are open. Full boxes with new magazines and newspapers are delivered at the same doorstep, where returned boxes with unsold copies of the previous day, are picked up. AMP needed a sealable tote to prevent magazines from being taken by passers-by. In addition, the box had to meet a range of ergonomic and technical requirements capable of yielding efficiencies in material handling and distribution logistics.
Our approach
DW Reusables designed & developed a durable and reusable plastic tote that complied with AMP’s requirements. Some of the features applied to the design include lid opening on the short side of the tote to allow side-by-side totes to easily open and close in-place during loading; and grooves at the sides and bottom of the tote allowing fingers to easily slide under magazines for unloading. Because the boxes can be nested with the lids open, an ergonomic handle was added at the bottom of the tote, instead of at the sides. Finally, a sleeve was added to the interior of the lid where the order form can be placed and an insert on lid, to visibly locate additional documents.
The results
The implementation of these reusable boxes has improved efficiencies throughout the entire AMP distribution chain. Some of the efficiencies comes from a reduction of stolen editions, as a result of having sealed boxes; labour and time saved by the quick access of orders inside lid sleeves or on top, while the box is closed. The sustainable material, from which the new reusable totes are manufactured, is hygienic and easy to clean. Due to their low weight and ergonomic handle at the bottom, the boxes are user-friendly. The reusable totes are cross stackable to improve safety, and when they are empty and turned 180° horizontally, they become nestable which saves 70% of warehouse space.
About AMP

AMP is Belgium’s largest media distributor. It has been an industry leader since its establishment as national media distributor in 1885. Today, AMP serves up to 6000 Points of Sales in Belgium. It serves more than a million clients every day and distributes more than 500 magazines and newspaper titles. AMP is part of bpost.

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