Beaulex is a sustainable and efficient solution for rainwater buffering systems under hardened surfaces. The innovative application for recycling plastics, won the prestigious Plastics Recycling Europe award in 2018.

Beaulex is a hollowed-shapped plastic ball made from recycled post-consumer material that is efficiently used as a shock absorber (buffer) in rainwater buffering systems under hardened surfaces. Beaulex balls can be ‘literally’ dumped in the construction pit (see image below) on a layer of geotextile material, which acts as a substrate for the hardened surface.

User friendly installation

Beaulex circular form and design offer efficiencies in buffering capacity. Unlike other buffering systems in the market, Beaulex requires less geotextile material on underground pit walls and no special finishing. Furthermore, the circular and hollow design creates a cavity with 80% of free space in between each Beaulex ball, allowing every cubic meter of Beaulex to buffer up to 800 litres of water.

Other advantages of Beaulex circular form shape include not needing to have an entirely flat soil surface as the balls can naturally spread out and create an even upper surface. Moreover, the system neither needs construction work nor detailed calculations.

Benefits of Beaulex:

  • Provides solid foundation
  • Maximum buffer capacity
  • Less geotextile material required
  • Maximum area usage
  • Random close packing
  • No installation time required
  • No calculations required
  • Less excavation work required
  • Flexible
  • Can be produced on location

About rainwater buffering systems

Rainwater buffering systems are used to reduce the strain caused by excessive rainfall on hardened surfaces in flood prone areas.

Beaulex plastic balls used in rainwater buffering systems are sustainable and act as a substrate buffer. Made of plastic, Beaulex balls are poured under hardened surfaces to create a sustainable solution for rainwater buffering buffer.

Beaulex Rainwater Buffer is an Environmental Friendly Solution

Beaulex is a sustainable solution and the key advantage over existing rain buffering systems. The balls are made using post-consumer plastics that are polyolefins recycled from various waste streams to create a durable low-grade plastic for functional use. Once the Beaulex is underground, the system is 100% environmentally safe and does not require any maintenance and ideally will last forever. In case the infrastructure needs to be changed, the balls can be recovered and recycled to create new Beaulex.

The Beaulex mould and the extensive DW Reusables network, allow for the product to be produced anywhere in the world creating a sustainable production process. This can significantly reduce both the need for export transport and CO2 emissions, particularly for large infrastructural projects.

Technical Date Sheet

Material Recycled polyefins
Production method Injection moulding
Diameter 125mm
Weight Circa 300gr
Volume plastic 0,316L
Balls/ m3 512
Volume plastic/ m3 161,8L
Remaining volume 838,2L
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