The Launch of Fillbee® has Captivated the Beverage Packaging Industry

26 November 2018

The introduction of Fillbee®, DW Reusables ‘Zero waste returnable pack’, has grabbed the attention of key stakeholders in the beverage industry.

The launch of the stackable ‘mini crate’ at the BrauBeviale exhibit (Nuremberg, Germany), raised the awareness of the value of reusable plastics packaging on the environment.

Fillbee is an inspiration to innovators that need to balance the core purpose of packaging: protecting the product and leading a sustainable business by reducing all kinds of supply chain and product waste. Fillbee greatly improves both challenges. The durable packaging protects the bottles during transport, prevents them from scuffing and is easy to carry and store for the consumer.

Built to last, the returnable pack can last up to twenty return trips, avoiding the need for new raw material and energy to produce one-way. Fillbee can be made from post-consumer material and is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Fillbee will be featured during ‘All 4 Pack’ Exhibit in Paris, 26-29 November at DW Reusables Booth 7G190.

Read one of the publications in Reusable Packaging News No. 9, 2018 on pages 24 and 25.

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