Amstel and Kronenbourg Choose DW Reusables’ Box2Keep™ Beer Crates to Promote Their Beer in the UK during the World Cup

20 June 2018

The injection moulded One Way Box2Keep™ crate is the ideal tool to promote beer brands during international sporting events.

International football events are always the perfect times to have a beer with friends and thus, for beer brands, the perfect time to increase sales. With the World Cup 2018 on going, famous beer brands Amstel and Kronenbourg were looking for an original, supplementary packaging solution to promote their beers at POS in the UK.

In order to extend the existing offering with a special ‘FIFA World Cup Russia 2018’ promotion, the brands were looking for sustainable packaging with a triple function: to transport the bottles, to promote the brand at the POS and to keep as a functional FIFA 2018 souvenir.

The world-famous beer brands chose DW Reusables’ Box2Keep™ beer crate, a standard injection moulded one-way crate that can be personalized by screen printing, stickers, and ultra-thin IML labels, thus providing a lot of opportunities for an affordable cost. The supplementary inside dividers protect the bottles during transport. Its durability transforms the stackable box into a timeless promotion because it can be re-used by the customer to store all kinds of things.

The Amstel and Kronenbourg ‘must-haves’ will be available in Tesco warehouses in the UK during the FIFA World Cup 2018. The boxes are 100% recyclable after their long life.

About Amstel and Kronenbourg
Amstel Brewery is a Dutch brewery founded in 1870 in Amsterdam. In 1968, Amstel merged with Heineken.

Kronenbourg Brewery was founded in 1664 in Strasbourg, France. Today the company is owned by the Carlsberg Group.

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