Stackabox® Reusable Bulk Dispensers, for Storage, Transport and Dispensing of PET Preforms, Improves Efficiencies on Production Lines

12 decembra 2018

Esterform was one of the first players to notice the advantages of the Stackabox®. After they introduced the Stackabox for handling their lines of Purity Softdrinks, Esterform presented Stackabox to their customers as the standard primary packaging. Today, Stackabox bulk dispensing containers have become a common name in the world of PET preforms.

The challenge
Esterform was looking for a better solution to store, dispense and transport preforms. The previous type of packaging entailed all kinds of difficulties. Some of the previous type of containers could only hold two-thousand preforms. Esterform is always looking for a more efficient way of production and every segment must keep up with the state-of-the-art handling systems. Other packaging was not collapsible, so the amount of trucks returning the packaging was equal to the trucks delivering the preforms, transporting a lot of air. Esterform looked for a bigger, foldable container, with multiple dispensing possibilities, that would guarantee savings and hygienic storage, preventing damage such as neck breakage of the preforms.
Our approach

Stackabox offers multiple advantages over previous packaging formats for the storage and transport of PET preforms. The big container can hold around 10,000 38g preforms. The fully collapsible container can be erected by a single operator in 30 seconds before filling and has a fold down ratio of 1/3.5. Thanks to the integrated lids, no extra wooden pallet underneath is required, eliminating risk for odour contamination, paper particles or wood splinters. If required, the Stackabox allows for liners to be easily placed and removed.

The smooth inside of the Stackabox allows for easy cleaning and the durable polypropylene guarantees an almost endless lifecycle, allowing for hundreds of voyages between the producers and their customers. Stackabox was especially designed to ensure the product retains its value during use. To reduce costs throughout the supply chain, the dispensing container was designed prioritizing recyclability, reusability and reparability by making all the parts replaceable.

The results

By replacing the previous type of packaging with Stackabox, Esterform was able to improve the entire production line efficiency. Thanks to the perfect integration in the existing production lines, the large container can keep up with the new state-of-the-art robotic systems.

Esterforms’ clients are all in the food and beverage business and are subject to a number of regulations. With Stackabox they can offer clients a higher hygienic proposition. Thanks to the absence of a wooden pallet, the risk for wood splinters is eliminated. Moreover, the absence of a centre skid at the base lowered damage from fork lifting. Esterform could reduce handling costs, thanks to the easy erecting and collapsing, they need less people for handling.

At the filler’s side, the bottom dispensing decreased damage to the bottleneck of the preforms, by smoothly sliding the preforms in the hopper of the filling line. In terms of transport, the Stackabox reduced CO² emissions significantly by stacking two units high, a standard trailer can hold 52 full Stackaboxes, and the return transport can hold 182 folded Stackaboxes, stacked seven high. This is 355 times more efficient than the previous type of packaging.

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