Injection Moulded Plastics Pallets are a Durable, Lightweight, and Sustainable Solution for Handling Automotive Components

3 decembra 2018

Due to its rigidity and lightweight, Injection Moulded Pallets are a sustainable solution to reduce logistics and handling costs in the automotive sector.

Pallets in the automotive industry need to be lightweight yet rigid enough to transport heavy automotive parts. OEM suppliers often use wooden pallets from an open pallet pool. Due to damage from forklift handling or weather conditions, these pallets need to be replaced on a regular basis, resulting in high supply chain costs. Also, the size of wooden pallets is not always ideal for European automotive manufacturers and suppliers. For overseas shipping, wooden pallets need to be fumigated to eliminate vermin, a process which can contain environmentally unfriendly chemicals.

DW Reusables offers OEM manufacturers standard or customized durable plastic pallets that last for decades. The pallets offer more handling flexibility and product safety thanks to forklift access at all four sides. The reinforced corners protect the pallets against forklift impact and transport. Thanks to customized inserts, the pallets are visible in the dark, offering the forklift driver better visual orientation in poorly lit areas, also resulting in less damaged pallets. Furthermore, the pallet offers an anchoring possibility for the plastic film on the corner of the pallet. The hygienic plastic doesn’t require the Heath Treatment certificate.

The pallets can be produced out of 100% post-consumer material with the same rigidity specifications as made from virgin material and are 100% recyclable after their long useful life.

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