DW Reusables Injection Moulded Crate Pallets are the Perfect Solution for Winter Storage of Empties

19 avgusta 2019


With another record-breaking summer, it is very tempting to sit back and reach for a cold, refreshing beer. But the smart move is to start planning for winter, really.

Specifically, when the beer industry goes through its low period and thousands of empty crates and bottles must be stacked and stored outside breweries at the mercy of the weather. The crates can withstand the cold and rain without difficulty. However, the pallets on which they rest, rapidly degrade over the winter months leading to unsightly and dangerous towers in storage yards just waiting for heavy snow or strong wind to knock them over.

The downsides of the current situation are clear: Hazardous working conditions and wasted time and cost to replace the wooden pallets. But there is a better way, so put down your beer and learn about our injection moulded crate pallet.

There are three main reasons why our customers love switching to injection moulded pallets, One, it saves money as you don’t need to constantly replace wooden pallets and can eliminate having to deal with the breakage of poor performing wood pallets. Two, they make for a neater, safer and cleaner storage place. Three, the sustainability performance cannot be beat.

— DW Reusables Sales Director Rudi Raskin

There is just so much more thought and engineering that goes into an injection moulded pallet than the wooden pallets that have been around for decades. The rims on the lower deck prevent scuffing, ‘rain tire’-like plugs guarantee excellent forklift handling and strong skids ensure stable loading so the crates are held firmly in place. In addition, large openings between the upper and lower deck help handling, there is four-side forklift access, great visibility in poor light with customized inserts, and reinforced corners deliver great durability.

Employees will immediately notice that the light, extra strong one-piece injection moulded pallets remove the threat of rusty nails, wooden shards, and splinters. And everyone will notice that perilously leaning towers of crates are a thing of the past.

The pallets can be made from 100% recycled old crates with the same rigidity specifications as those made from virgin material. And at the end of their long life, the pallets are 100% recyclable repeatedly.

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