Specialist in outdoor infrastructure home solutions Goring contacted DW Reusables to improve the gravel grid solution for their growing market.

5 априла 2023

DW Reusables Optimises Gravel Grids for Customer Goring.

The Challenge

As a response to the increasing drought in many European countries, the demand for gravel grids is growing. Gravel grids in combination with gravel stones enable water permeating into the soil, thus offering an alternative to concrete flooring for driveways and paths. Our customer Goring wanted to strengthen its position on the market and therefore asked DW Reusables to help them improve and produce the grids.

Firstly, the grid had to be resistant to outdoor weather conditions. As the grid is very popular for use on driveways, the structure had to withstand weight and pressure from cars & trucks. Finally, the units had to be optimized for easy handling & transport.


Our Approach

Our design engineers in Hum, Croatia studied the existing honeycomb structure and added an extra feature: a high-quality geotextile on the bottom of the grid to prevent weeds from growing through the stones.

The material used was 100% polypropylene copolymer (PPC), known for its strong resistance to sunlight, water & variable temperatures.

As the grids have a honeycomb structure with a profile thickness of 2,4 mm, the material flow during injection was crucial. A perfect mould flow was assured by using 16 insertion points. This enables the structure to withstand heavy pressure, but still be flexible and lightweight.

To avoid complex mould forms, our engineers created a structure with a smaller and larger hexagon diameter on which the geotextile is applied after the injection process.


The Result

Our customer immediately saw the competitive advantage of combining the geotextile with the gravel grid. Installers win time as they don’t have to place root canvas first, but water can still permeate into the soil. The structures can be placed close to one another, and corners can easily be cut out with a Stanley knife.

The hexagon structure in PPC is ideal for outdoor use and is resistant to sunlight, frost, and thaw. Although one grid only weighs 1,54 kg, it can resist a pressure of 450 tons/m2 when filled (or 100 tons/m2 when empty).

Goring offers grids in sizes 1200 x 800 mm and in heights of 30 mm and 40 mm. This makes them easy to handle and transport, as they perfectly fit a standard Europallet. Thanks to the offering in 2 colours grey and white, the grid remains invisible when installed, adding to the aesthetic appearance of paths and driveways.

The eco-friendly system supports the natural permeation of water into the soil, reducing rainwater run-off. After its long and useful life, the PPC can be recycled to produce new products.

About the partnership between DW Reusables and Goring

Goring is a Croatian company, established in 1995, which exports outdoor home infrastructure solutions to its European partners. After successfully launching a floating floor concept in 2015, they continued their collaboration with DW Reusables for their newest gravel grids.

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