DW Reusables Introduces a Versatile Keg Pallet that fits Different Sizes & Formats of Kegs to Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies for Breweries

25 czerwca 2019

The complicated logistics behind the global trade in beer are getting easier thanks to the new durable pallet from DW Reusables.

DW Reusables announced today the introduction of the first European Reusable Pallet that can fit all types of Kegs.

Crucially, the new Injection Moulded Euro Pallet will be the first plastic pallet (80/120 euro format) on the market from August 2019 that is suitable for all types of kegs. Previous plastic pallets were only suitable for Euro kegs. Breweries can now improve keg storage and handling with a single, light and extra strong keg pallet that fits different keg sizes (20L, 30L, and 50L) and formats (Euro, DIN, and David).

With multiple patents, the new keg pallets are proof that DW Reusables is committed to continuous improvement and innovation. The patented improvements prevent scuffing with rims on the lower deck, ‘rain tire’-like plugs to guarantee excellent forklift handling and strong skids that ensure stable loading and that the kegs are held securely in place.

The new keg pallet includes skids to hold the keg in place, reducing the need for plastic wrap, which can lower cost, reduce waste and improve sustainability.

These features, combined with a racking load of 750 kg, means that breweries and warehouses will be safer, more orderly workplaces than facilities that rely on multiple pallet types, especially those made of wood.

Logistics and warehouse managers will appreciate security in safe transport, the large openings between the upper and lower deck for easy handling, four-side forklift access, great visibility in poor light with customized inserts, click tabs in different colours for easy product and size identification and reinforced corners for great durability.

The pallets also offer a multitude of possibilities in terms of branding with the ability to print logos, return or ordering instructions, QR codes, contact information, and RFID tags to keep tight control of these circular economy stalwarts.

To further enhance sustainability benefits, the keg pallets can be made from 100% post-consumer material without compromising the rigidity and specifications of those made from virgin material. Additionally, at the end of their long lifespan, the pallets are 100% recyclable.

DW Reusables has 50 years of experience in developing plastic pallets for the brewing industry and the new versatile keg pallets feature the same ingenious modifications that have made us a leader in the field.

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