Mango saves incredible 70% warehouse space with custom-made, reusable, nesting boxes

18 lipca 2017

Mango, a world famous clothing company was looking for a reusable and nestable box to use in the 250 000m² fully automated distribution centre. Mango chose DW Reusables to design a box to meet all their expectations.

The challenge
The boxes that Mango previously used did not comply with the requirements of their automated handling systems that required stable stacking. Moreover, the lack of stacking stability of previous boxes made packing and unpacking very time consuming. Mango installed fully automated systems in their distribution centre which included ‘goods-to-person picking equipment’. This type of system increases the pick efficiency which in turn speeds up the pick process. This system is based on the ‘Mango formula’ which ensures that a design gets from the drawing table, into the store within two weeks thanks to a super-efficient distribution system. Mango needed a box to comply with these systems.
Our approach
To suit this state-of-the art system, DW Reusables designed an adapted reusable plastic box to comply with all of these requirements. The box has a non-standardized dimension of 625x425mm (approx. 25x17 in.) and is equipped with a patented system to distribute certain types of boxes directly from this box.
The results

The sustainable material, from which the new reusable plastic boxes are manufactured, is hygienic and easy to clean. Due to their low weight and ergonomic handles the boxes are user-friendly. They are stackable, and when they are empty and turned 180° horizontally, they become nestable which saves 70% of warehouse space.

By replacing single-use packaging with reusable boxes, Mango was able to reduce their packaging waste to a minimum. With this investment in reusable packaging Mango is making an important contribution to the environment. Moreover, DW Reusables' Injection Moulded boxes have a long-life span and are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.

About Mango

Mango is a Spanish clothing company with stores all over the world. The clothing and accessories are distributed worldwide from the brand new logistical centre in Barcelona. The 250 000 m² distribution centre is a pioneer in the field of the latest technologies of logistical robotics. Mango’s logistical platform can process 75,000 units per hour.

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