DW Reusables & Tesco Set a New Standard with Retail-Ready Quarter Pallet

24 lipca 2017

Tesco, a British retail giant, was looking for a pallet they could use throughout their entire logistical supply chain and point of sale. They are a company with continuous successful growth that is constantly looking for innovations in all areas of their business. With their retail-ready quarter pallet, DW Reusables was able to fulfil Tesco’s packaging, marketing, and logistical needs.

The challenge
Tesco needed a solution for the sales and supply of their products that are sold in bulk during promotional campaigns or during specific times during the year. These are products that are usually sold at the end of a store aisle.
Our approach
DW Reusables’ Injection Moulded Products developed a specific quarter pallet (600 x 400 mm) that they could use in an easy and efficient way throughout their entire logistical supply chain and points of sale. The pallets are initially bound together by two and are separated on site to be rolled into the store directly. Specific packaging on top of each pallet acts as both a tray and eye-catcher.
The results
The results surpassed all expectations. Within a short period of time, the sale of these specific products rose to 15 percent, and concurrently the labour required in the stores decreased to 23 percent. The approach was revolutionary and soon became the standard throughout their entire network of almost 7,000 points of sale. Tesco also insisted on creating their own pool of pallets to ensure an optimal cost structure and efficiencies. In total DW Reusables’ Injection Moulded products delivered 450,000 pallets to Tesco and each pallet is fully recyclable after a long lifecycle of 7-10 years.
About Tesco

Tesco is an original British giant in the retail industry. The company was founded in 1919 and its headquarters are still located in England. However, their expansion came extremely fast and today Tesco is active in twelve different countries throughout Europe and Asia. They are the fifth largest retailer in the world in sales.

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