The ‘Silent Beverage Crate’, a Patented Solution to Avoid Scuffing of Delicate Bottles During Transport

7 augusztus 2018

DW Reusables Developed a Reusable Beverage Crate for the Brewery Brand, which reduces friction between beer bottles and corresponding scuffing sound during transport.

Brand, the oldest brewery in the Netherlands, was looking for a beverage crate for single bottles as well as beer packs. At the same time, the inner framework had to prevent damage to the bottles from scuffing they looked to the expertise of DW Reusables in Belgium to develop a new technical solution.

The challenge
When Brand launched a new bottle with embossed letters, they needed a single beverage crate suitable for loose bottles and bottle packs that would prevent damage to the delicate bottle. At the same time, the crate needed to have a classy look, printed with gold and an opening at the side to allow the customer to immediately recognize the product labels.
Our approach
The DW Reusables Bilzen inhouse design team started the process in close cooperation with the producer of the packs. The packs needed to go smoothly in and out the crate, meaning that perfect tolerances of the beverage crate and the pack were crucial. Far-reaching tests were performed to test the designs and a 3D model was printed to show the client that the proposed technique was indeed the ideal solution.
The results

The patented pinnacles with ‘wings’ inside the beverage crate were designed to prevent the bottles from touching during transport, which eliminates noise and scuffing. The elegant Brand crate with gold accents offers maximum brand appeal. The large logo combined with an opening on the side, allows the customer to immediately recognize the desired product not only from the logo but also by seeing the bottles in the crate. The soft touch grip in the middle offers comfortable carrying.

DW Reusables was able to meet all our requirements. We now use one single crate for our packs as well as for loose bottles, significantly improving our supply chain efficiency.
— General Manager of Brand
About Brand

Brand is the oldest brewery in the Netherlands and since 1989 property of Heineken but the rich history goes back to 1340. Today Brand offers a range of high quality Pilseners. In 2011, Brand received two stars at the ‘Superior Taste Awards’.

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