Stackabox™, Collapsible Container for Preforms, Consists of Replaceable Parts

13 július 2018

Stackabox, the reusable dispensing container for PET preforms and Caps and Closures was designed to reduce waste, costs and risks throughout the supply chain

The challenge
Classic dispensing containers are built in one piece. This resulted in considerably shorter life times because lids are used intensively and runners need to stand the toll from forklift truck handling. When a part was broken the whole container needed to be replaced, thus resulting in high costs and packaging waste. The DW Reusables Injection Moulding In-house design department was challenged to design an alternative that would combine all the benefits of the existing systems in one single collapsible container, offering the possibility to replace parts separately.
Our approach
Stackabox has been specially designed to ensure the product retains its value during use. In order to reduce costs throughout the supply chain, the dispensing container was designed prioritizing recyclability, reusability and reparability by making all the parts replaceable.
The results
The Stackabox foldable container is not only fully recyclable after coming to the end of its useful long life, but is also repairable. All 17 parts are replaceable and parts can be ordered separately as part of the supply agreement. The flexile connections make replacing the parts easy. The modular and reparable product enables customers to fully embrace the circular plastics economy. Both solutions prioritize the highest segment of the waste hierarchy, reducing our customer’s total need for new packaging. The concept extends the life time of the Stackabox and reduces costs considerably as the maintenance cost of Stackabox is lower than 1% on a yearly base.

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