The Kitcrate: A Crate for the Construction Market

31 május 2017

DW Reusables’ Injection Moulding business in Bilzen, Belgium has developed Kitcrate, a crate specially designed for the construction sector. Bison, maker of sealants and glues, is currently using these crates as the ideal packaging for their products. Some of the benefits and features of the Kitcrate include stack-ability for storage and transport unit load optimisation and reduction of associated costs. In addition, the Kitcrate is durable, highly reusable and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

In the past, Bison’s, tubes of sealant were taken to construction sites in cardboard boxes that were not resistant to the weather conditions. The packaging tore due to the rain and humidity which resulted in a considerable amount of waste and lost product. With the Kitcrate, Bison’s individual tubes of sealant are kept in place during transportation, reducing chances for the packing to getting damaged by water and other conditions that would affect product integrity.

Another Kitcrate feature is its strong handle in the middle that facilitate material handling by workers at the construction site, as they now have one hand available to safely climb the scaffolds.

The Kitcrates are available in many colours and can be custom-printed on all four sides which make it ideal for brand promotion. The Kitcrate can be used for both six-pack and twelve-pack packaging.

Jo Theunissen, International Sales Manager for Injection Moulded Products commented, “Crates are not only ideal to pack and transport beverages, they are designed for fit-to-purpose solutions that can serve other markets as well. The crate for silicone tubes for use in the construction market is a great example of our versatility.” Other producers of silicone tubes are starting to buy these crates after noticing that it is the ideal tool to transport the tubes on construction scaffolding in a safe way. The Kitcrate is becoming the standard packaging for this market, with many more orders from other companies in the works.

Bison, located in the Netherlands, has been a market leader in the glue and sealant segment for decades. Recently, Bison launched the crate for their product lines Bison®, Bison International®, Poly Max® and Griffon®. Bison attaches a lot of importance to innovation and continuous product improvements and attention to the environment is crucial which is then translated into sustainable products with a minimal impact on the environment; the Kitcrate is a direct reflection of that.

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