DW Reusables reduces CO₂ emissions and transportation costs with mobile regrinding units

1 February 2018

Spanish Water Producer Vichy Catalan needed new reusable plastic beverage crates for their bottled mineral water. Thanks to DW Reusables’ Total Solution Approach, the regrinding of crates and transfer of bottles from old to new crates was conducted on-site simplifying logistics involved, reducing transportation costs and CO₂ emissions significantly.

The challenge

When Vichy Catalan decided to replace their old crate park carrying 0.5L and 1L bottles of mineral water with 300K new reusable plastic beverage crates, they needed a supplier that could simplify the logistics and economic implications of the project. In addition, the customer planned to re-use the existing bottles which required a solution that included an efficient and economical way of transferring the bottles from the old crates to the new ones.

Furthermore, the customer was looking for a supplier that could regrind the old crates and use the recycled material to produce new ones. Sustainability is an important topic for this customer so he looked for a solution to keep as many trucks from the road as possible.

Our approach
DW Reusables, Injection Moulded Products offered Vichy Catalan a Total Solution Approach that included the regrinding, use of recycled material to mould the new plastic beverage crates and transfer the water bottles from old crates into new ones, at the customer’s premises. To do this, DW Reusables Injection Moulded Products linked their mobile regrinder to the customer’s bottle transfer installation. The DW Reusables team took care of the regrinding of crates and transferring the bottles.
The results
Thanks to DW Reusables, Injection Moulded Products’ Total Solution Approach the project was handled in the most sustainable and effective way, reducing customer’s logistics and transportation costs and managing risk in an optimum way. All plastic crates were reground, molded into new ones and glass bottles transferred into the new crates at the customer’s site. By reducing logistics to a minimum the group was able to keep 121 trucks off the road, thus reducing CO₂ emissions significantly.
About Vichy Catalan

Vichy Catalan has been bottling water since 1889. An influx of visitors led to the construction of the first spa soon after. Due to the water’s high mineral content, natural carbonation and an almost neutral pH, Vichy Catalan’s water has become the most recognized brand of water in Spain. Besides a range of sparkling and mineral waters, they produce tonic waters and orange juice.

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