DW Reusables designs a Reusable Food Tray for Industrial Bakeries

20 February 2019

A famous Belgian industrial biscuit manufacturer, needed a tray to improve their baking process. To meet their high expectations, they contacted DW Reusables to develop a reusable and stackable plastic tray that meets all the requirements.

The challenge
Biscuits of assortments in industrial bakeries cannot all be baked at the same time. Therefore, industrial bakeries need solutions to store the fragile biscuits in a perfectly dry environment until the final packing. In the past, a famous Belgian bakery used metal boxes that were not stackable and were difficult to clean. This resulted in both a lot of logistical problems and created a huge amount of waste. They contacted DW Reusables, Injection Moulded Products to develop a reusable plastic tray that would meet all the requirements.
Our approach
DW Reusables developed a special stackable plastic tray of which the bottom of each tray serves as a perfect sealable lid for the tray underneath. This system ensures that no air can get to the biscuits and that risk of food contamination is eliminated. To prevent damage to precious biscuits, the trays can be produced with up to 9 dividers to store the biscuits without the risk of damage from sliding against each other. The high tolerances of the trays make them suitable for automated handling and pick and place systems.
The results

Fragile cookies, such as Macarons, are stored safely in a tray with several dividers. The tray, produced in a high-quality plastic material, can be easily cleaned and is developed with drainage holes that allow the tray to dry quickly after cleaning. A handle makes the reusable plastic tray more ergonomic and user-friendly.

The investment in a special mould was cost-efficient, both in the field of logistics, sustainability and in the reduction of the contamination risks. The optimised production process adds to continuously guarantee a high quality of the biscuits. DW Reusables’ biscuit trays are fully recyclable at the end of their useful life.

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