Injection Moulded products are ideally suited as secondary packaging for food applications because they can be cleaned efficiently and retain their integrity in demanding circumstances.

Consumers love online retail. The channel is growing every year significantly, but at the same time the amount of E-Commerce packaging waste is becoming a huge problem. Billions of packages are shipped every year, creating tons of cardboard and one-way plastic waste.

DW Reusables Injection Moulded bespoke designs are the ideal solution to replace one-way E-commerce packaging by robust, re-usable, returnable and fully recyclable packaging options that deliver many benefits for brands, consumers and the planet.

The designs can be adapted to measurements, sizes or other requirements. The stackable, nestable and modular packaging fit perfectly on a pallet, improving the entire supply chain, whilst reducing cost and waste significantly.

Furthermore, the packaging is fully brandable, making the unboxing experience unforgettable, without the waste, dust or hassle of the current brown, often uninspiring E-commerce packs.

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