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News Overview

The French organisation Bout’ à Bout’ contacted DW Reusables for the (Re-) launch of reusable beverage crates in France.
Shellbee®: A new Loop Ready Packaging concept used between producers and retailers to reduce waste and save money
AMP, Belgium’s largest Media Distributor Attain Efficiencies in Distribution with Reusable Boxes.
Berglandmilch chooses DW Reusables’ beverage crate to become fully sustainable in packaging
DS Smith Plastics, Injection Moulded Products is now DW Reusables
Worldwide Dispensers Replaces One-Way Packaging with Reusable Container Stackabox™ Hybrid to Supply Moulded Taps to Clients
DW Reusables will be Featuring their Loop Ready Packaging (LRP) at FachPack 2019 from 24-26 September
A Famous Online Courier for Home Delivery of Meals, contacted DW Reusables to Design a Customized Reusable Box as Secondary Packaging to Eliminate Problem One-Way Plastics
DW Reusables Injection Moulded Crate Pallets are the Perfect Solution for Winter Storage of Empties
DW Reusables Introduces a Versatile Keg Pallet that fits Different Sizes & Formats of Kegs to Improve Supply Chain Efficiencies for Breweries
Newbac, The French Installer of Rainwater Basins is Exclusive Distributor of Beaulex® Rain Buffering System, in France
Becoming Fully Sustainable in Reusable Crate Manufacturing
DW Reusables Introduces Loop Ready Packaging
Worldwide Distributor of Sealants and Glue Invests in a Reusable Packaging for Omnichannel Sale, Produced from Recycled Tubes of Seal and Glue
In the News: The First Returnable 4 or 6-Pack is a Huge Step in the Field of Sustainable Beverage Packaging
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