DW Reusables Designs Reusable Plastic Tray for Florensis

8 avgusta 2017

Florensis, a leading breeder and a worldwide supplier of young plants, decided to automate it’s cutting and seedling systems. Florensis chose DW Reusables to design a tray to meet the strict requirements for state-of-the-art robotic systems.

The challenge
In the past Florensis used one-way trays, which produced a huge amount of waste. When Florensis decided to automate its cutting and seedling systems, the dimensional consistency of the tray in a humid environment was one of their strictest requirements for the robotic systems.
Our approach
DW Reusables has made great efforts to find a polypropylene material suited for this environment. By using the latest scientific research methods, including computer simulation and extensive lab and field work, DW Reusables succeeded in identifying the right material for this application.
The results

The result is a dimensional consistent and sustainable plastic tray that is compatible with Florensis automated systems. Depending on the size of the cuttings, the tray is produced for 84, 128, 188, 288 or 510 seedlings. The material is suitable to be applied with identification so that each tray can be identified and traced by a unique number.

This investment has led to considerable savings by reducing the number of single-use trays purchased and substituting them with re-usable plastic trays. Through this investment in reusable and recyclable plastic trays, Florensis has also been able to make an important contribution to the environment by reducing the waste produced by previously used trays, to zero.

About Florensis

Florensis is an innovative second generation family business that produces young plants from seeds and cuttings. With over 2.000 skilled employees, Florensis produces 900 million young plants per annum and delivers to professional horticulturalists in the Netherlands, Europe and Africa. Their 4.000 different flower and plant breeds are of the highest quality and are cultivated on the basis of the most innovative, and where possible sustainable, techniques.

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