DW Reusables Plastics’ Injection Moulded Products Introduces Stackabox™ Hybrid to their line of Bulk-Dispensing Containers

20 December 2017

Injection Moulded Products, part of the DW Reusables Plastics Division, is expanding their Stackabox line of Bulk Dispensing Containers that are becoming an industry standard to dispense, store and transport preformed components.

The new Stackabox Hybrid is a bulk-dispensing container which can further optimise transportation by adapting the container’s height to the optimal size of both content and transportation container.

Stackabox Hybrid combines two DW Reusables Plastics’ solutions in the market. The lid and pallet of the new bulk-dispensing container has the same top lid and dispensing base of Stackabox and AkyPack™ corrugated plastics sleeve in the middle section which height can be easily adapted to customer requirements.

Stackabox Hybrid is a lighter version of the original Stackabox in weight but equally durable offering long life cycles. The smooth surface offered by AkyPack sleeve in the middle section of the Stackabox Hybrid’s dispensing container, is easily washable for hygienic products and is perfect for companies that like to communicate their brand printed on containers carrying their products.

Stackabox Bulk Dispensing containers have become a common name in the world of PET preforms for several years now. Stackabox bulk-dispensing and collapsible containers are becoming the preferred transport packaging format for the transportation, storage and dispensing of PET preforms and Caps & Closures. Stackabox is already available in Compact, Medium, and Maxi formats. The above range of bulk-dispensing units is suitable for an optimum truckload in the UK and mainland Europe.

The Stackabox hybrid has all the advantages of the traditional Stackabox bulk dispensing container, which has a unique dispensing base and is compatible with all other dispensing systems, an ideal fold-down ratio, and lack of a pallet.

Optimising customers’ Supply Cycle logistics needs is the key innovation driver offered by DW Reusabless Plastics Stackabox line of dispensing bulk-containers. The Stackabox Hybrid has a lifespan of 8-10 years and it can be recycled entirely, at the end of its useful life. The innovation offered by Stackabox Hybrid is a great example of combining strengths within the DW Reusables Plastics Division.

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