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News Overview

DW Reusables designs a Reusable Food Tray for Industrial Bakeries
Fillbee®, the Returnable Drink Pack, Nominated ‘Plastic Packaging Product of the Year’
DW Reusables Designs the Ultrabase™: An Ultra Strong Injection Moulded Pallet Combined with a Lightweight AkyPak® Sleeve
Stackabox® Reusable Bulk Dispensers, for Storage, Transport and Dispensing of PET Preforms, Improves Efficiencies on Production Lines
Injection Moulded Plastics Pallets are a Durable, Lightweight, and Sustainable Solution for Handling Automotive Components
The Launch of Fillbee® has Captivated the Beverage Packaging Industry
FILLBEE®, the Next Step in the Field of Reusable Beverage Crates with an Integrated Pack to Reduce Waste Generation
Ready to See Our New Reusable Packaging Solutions at BrauBeviale 2018?
Paul Baeyens, Managing Director of the DW Reusables’ Business Unit, Was a Guest Speaker at the Plastics Recyclers Annual Meeting 2018
DW Reusables Introduces Stackabox Hybrid™ and Stackabox C&C™ to their line of Reusable Dispensing Containers
In the news: Returnable Totes- A Sustainable Solution for Transporting Automotive Parts
Returnable Totes: A Sustainable Solution for Transporting Automotive Parts
Affaba & Ferrari chooses Stackabox collapsible container for the dispensing of Caps and Closures
The ‘Silent Beverage Crate’, a Patented Solution to Avoid Scuffing of Delicate Bottles During Transport
In the news: The Beverage Crate as a Hightech Marketing Tool
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