Affaba & Ferrari chooses Stackabox collapsible container for the dispensing of Caps and Closures

9 augusztus 2018

Stackabox™ foldable dispensing container offers efficient fold ratio, minimises storage costs and significantly reduces packaging waste.

Affaba & Ferrari, a leading supplier of Caps and Closures for the international food and beverage industry, chooses Stackabox™ to store and dispense caps & closures, and comply with the state-of-the-art production technology.

The challenge
For the dispensing of special Caps and Closures, such as sport caps, Affaba & Ferrari wanted to replace their previous type of packaging for a sustainable, durable and reusable collapsible container that would be suitable for base dispensing. Sport caps are produced out of two pieces. After the first part is produced, the caps need to be hygienically stored, until the production of the second part. To avoid wood shavings, they also looked for a solution that could be used without a wooden pallet.
Our approach
DW Reusables’ Stackabox was designed especially for handling PET preforms and Caps and Closures. The reusable and easily collapsible container, makes it the ideal solution that can be easily utilised throughout the entire production process. The base dispensing reduces damage to the caps. To demonstrate the solution to Affaba & Ferrari, DW Reusables performed several tests in the client’s production facilities.
The results
Stackabox foldable containers fit perfectly with Affaba & Ferrari’s Supply Cycle logistics needs. The highly efficient fold ratio minimises warehouse storage costs. The durable construction with smooth internal surfaces ensures ease of cleaning, providing maximum hygiene for the storage of the caps. Thanks to their long-life span, Affaba & Ferrari was able to reduce packaging waste significantly. After their useful long life, Stackaboxes are 100% recyclable.
About Affaba & Ferrari

The Italian company Affaba & Ferrari was founded in 1949. Since then, the company has been producing caps and seals for the cheese and dairy-product industry. Today, Affaba & Ferrari designs and produces high quality closures for the international food and beverage, chemical and oil markets.

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