Sustainable Packaging for Ramborn Apple Cider

23 April 2018

The Luxembourg brand Ramborn was looking for a sustainable return system for its apple cider and contacted DW Reusables to develop a reusable beverage crate for them.

The challenge
Ramborn is a Luxembourg manufacturer of apple cider. The cider is made from different varieties of apples that are more than 150 years old. The apple trees that grow the apples for this craft drink can be found throughout the country side and the entire production is done in a sustainable way respecting the natural ingredients. When the brewery was founded they went, under the watchful eye of the government, in search of an appropriate environmentally friendly packaging that would fit the image of the product. The new packaging for this national treasure had to be environmentally friendly, fully recyclable and reusable.
Our approach
Reusable beverage crates last for decades. At the end of their life span they can be 100% reground and recycled together with the IML labels into new crates. The DW Reusables design team in Bilzen, Belgium worked with Ramborn to design a new crate that would best fit the image of the exclusive beverage and as ergonomic as possible.
The results
The new reusable beverage crate has a beautiful vintage appearance that suits the image of the cider made from century old apple varieties. The InMould labels (IML) with the wood structure background and the typical image of the Ramborn oldtimer pick-up truck, fit the authenticity of the brand perfectly. The ergonomic size of the crate with 12x33 cl bottles is easy to transport and the soft touch central handle adds to the carrying comfort. With this investment, Ramborn has secured a sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging system for the coming decades.
About Ramborn

People have been fermenting juice from traditional apples and pears in Luxembourg at least as far back as the Romans, but over the last century, this tradition has been in decline, with much of the fruit going to waste. As Luxembourg’s first cider company, Ramborn is working to revive the tradition of cider-making, putting good use to the otherwise wasted fruit, and breathing new life into traditional orchards throughout the country. Today they work with more than 100 farmers to revive, maintain and improve traditional orchards, paying a fair price for their fruit. The orchards are a vital source of biodiversity; they are Europe’s rainforests in need of protection. The cider has won many awards and prices, among which ‘Best International Cider 2016’.

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