Benefits & Features

Loop Ready Packaging are reusable and fully recyclable packaging options that deliver massive waste reduction, faster shelving and higher sales. Our injection moulding development process allows for a bespoke design for your product.

Loop Ready Packaging (LRP) solutions are robust, re-usable, returnable, and fully recyclable packaging options that deliver incredible benefits for brands, retailers, consumers and the planet as part of the circular economy.

Six Reasons why Brands Love Loop Ready Packaging

  • Boost sustainability by first reusing, and then recycling
  • Increase sales by encouraging bulk purchases of four, six or eight items.
  • Save on packaging and logistics costs
  • Stand out on shelf with a pack that surpasses the rest
  • Build customer loyalty with a richer and extended packaging experience
  • Activate different campaigns thanks to the recyclable IML labels

Six Reasons Retailers Love Loop Ready Packaging

  • Slash the amount of waste and recycling behind your stores
  • Appeal to customers clamouring for sustainable solutions
  • Accelerate shelving with fast and easy to use multipacks
  • Save on labour costs at every touchpoint
  • Say goodbye to clean-ups in aisle six with robust, protective packaging
  • Smooth your supply chain with packable, stackable and non-breakable packaging

Fillbees and Shellbees, what’s the difference?

How does it work?

Consumers will pay a small deposit on the LRP when making their purchase. Once they have finished the items they simple return the packaging and jars to the store for a refund of the deposit. This process is already automated in many places with a reverse vending machine (RVM) that scans the packaging and contents and provides a coupon with a store credit for future purchases. 

Does it work for my product?

Yes. Because we make Fillbees and Shellbees bespoke to suit the needs of your products and the needs of your business.

Which one is right for me?

See how Shellbees can save time, money and the environment between Distributors and Retailers here

Find out how Fillbees bring consumers into the loop expanding the benefits even further here

What is the process?

At our design centre in Bilzen, Belgium we work together with you to map your needs depending on your business objectives and the unique requirements of your products. We develop prototypes for extensive testing and ensure flawless manufacturing at our world-class facility.

Is this reliable?

Yes! It is a tried and tested method used for beverage crates today. Those crates can often last up to 30 years and are cycled from brand to store to home thousands of times saving tonnes of CO2. At the end of their long life the crates are ground up and turned into new crates for another long-life cycle.

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